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Typical Applications for Traffic Signs and Road Markings

This section provides examples of typical layouts of road junctions and other locations on roads in Ireland, showing the traffic signs and road markings which may be required. The section should be read in conjunction with other relevant chapters. Further information on the use of the Manual is given in Chapter 1.

Requirements and recommendations for the provision of traffic signs and road markings are given in the following chapters of the Traffic Signs Manual:

Chapter 2: Directional Information Signs;
Chapter 4: Other Information Signs;
Chapter 5: Regulatory Signs;
Chapter 6: Warning Signs; and
Chapter 7: Road Markings.

The chapters above give details of each type of traffic sign or road marking but they do not show how the different types are combined to provide overall guidance and instruction to road users. This section, therefore, applies the requirements and recommendations of the individual chapters to typical road layouts to illustrate how the various signs and markings are applied in certain situations.

The section is intended to illustrate typical junction types, to show the preferred approach to the layout of the traffic signs and road markings. It is not to illustrate every conceivable layout. The layouts are diagrammatic and are for guidance only. They are not drawn to scale and do not indicate the correct radii, etc. Several of the figures have been foreshortened to enable the necessary information to fit onto the page.

Single Carriageway Roads




Road Away From Junctions

Dual Carriageway Roads (Including Motorways)


Grade Separated Junctions

Road Away From Junctions

Type 3 Dual Carriageway Roads

Road Away From Junctions


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