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Welcome to the home of the Irish Traffic Signs Manual as published by the Department of Transport.
This website contains the latest versions of the Traffic Signs Manual, Traffic Signs Advice Notes, the suite of Temporary Traffic Management documents and guidance on the control of traffic at road works.


Chapter 8 (2010) - Transition Period Ends

The Department of Transport wishes to advise that the transitional period (previously extended, due to COVID-19 restrictions) will terminate on December 31st of 2021 and WILL NOT be further extended. 


Therefore, from 1st of January 2022 organisations WILL ONLY (unless in Tender period with Chapter 8 (2010) or if works already underway) be permitted to apply the Chapter 8 of the Traffic Signs Manual (2019) Temporary Traffic Measures and Signs for Roadworks standard with associated Temporary Traffic Management Operations and Design Guidance.

See Circular Letter RW 24 of 2021 here

Traffic Signs Manual Update

Chapters 2, 3 & 4 of the Traffic Signs Manual have been updated, their publication dates are now November 2021. 

An advice note (TSAN-2021-01) has also been published regarding the use of the new Shared Space Sign (F 404) 

See Circular Letter RW 23 of 2021 here

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